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Dark mode, finally in the Gmail app

One of the most awaited features in the Gmail app for Android and iOS is beginning to reach users.


If you have one feature what value in one application the mode dark, also called dark / night mode, without it my usability tremendously affected. Perhaps because of eye problems or use often at night or in dark environments. Many users like this mode too, but unfortunately the look is not app of Gmail has become too white. Another important point is energy saving because a dark interface tends to extend the life of your device in everyday life.


It seems that the wait is over, at least for many lucky people, yet the feature It may take up to 15 days to reach the entire user base. If you have updated your device and the dark don't be there yet, don't get discouraged, wait a little longer than soon to enjoy the feature.

To change the look of the Gmail app on Android, visit the Hamburger Menu >> Settings. There is a section called Themes in General Settings, then just switch to the look of your choice.

gmail-android-ios-email-dark-safe-night-app The 2019.08.18.267044774 version of Gmail is now available at Play Storehowever the theme option is being implemented gradually through a separate server update. As mentioned earlier, this first batch may take a while to reach all users. Google offers this feature for both Android and iOS. For Apple users, make sure they are already available on your device.

Now we can only wait, obviously if you did not receive the dark modebut I was glad to have that option.

Do you use the app Gmail on your Android or iOS? Did you like the feature and expect it too, just like me? Leave in your comments your opinion on the subject.

The others apps may also be awarded the dark mode in the future, such as the Play Store that has been getting the option for some Android owners.

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