Dark mode finally comes to Slack

After a long wait, Slack users can finally enjoy a dark mode.

Night mode, dark mode, dark mode … call it what you want, but it is a fact that the dark variations of applications and websites have become very popular, especially in recent years. Now, after a long wait, the time has come for Slack launch dark mode for your browser and desktop versions in Linux, Windows and MacOS.

dark-hit-slack mode

O Slack It is a team communication application with a wide range of features, which for many are the differentials that put you ahead of alternatives such as Microsoft Teams or Discord.

Even though it is a very complete and widely used service, just now, in September 2019 the Slack now has a dark mode available. As a user of Slack, I can say that a feature that was sorely lacking.

Some use the dark mode simply because they like it, others because they work at night, in a dimly lit environment, suffer from migraine, or have some visual problems. Cases in which the dark mode can really make all the difference.

O Slack already has dark mode in the mobile app, which has separate settings from the desktop version. Using dark mode on your smartphone does not mean that you also have to use it desktop. According to the team of Slackin the near future the theme functionality in the desktop versions of the application will work in sync with the theme of your system, ie if you are using a dark theme on your system, Slack automatically use the dark mode. And vice versa.

In your original post on Slack blog, the team explains that the delay to launching the dark mode was due to the fact that they wanted to build a dark mode that worked perfectly in any and all of the Slack. To achieve this goal they had to redesign the entire application interface from scratch, and even re-architect some of these parts.

But finally, to the happiness of all of us who have waited so long, whether for pleasure or need, the dark mood of Slack finally arrived!

How to enable dark mode in Slack?

Please note that in order to use this feature your Slack need to be on the back 4.0.3 at the MacOS, and 4.0.2 at the Windows and Linux.

With the app open, click on the name of your workspace in the upper left corner, and then click Preferences.

activating-dark-mode-slack-image1 Then click on the tab Themes and select Dark. activating-dark-mode-slack-image2 dark-activated-slack mode

Ready! You can finally rest your little eyes in the serene night, and enjoy the beautiful look of the dark mood of the Slack.

Do you use the Slack And just as I missed the dark mode too? Or do you think this dark story is just cool? Tell us what you think, and we will share knowledge.

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