Daniel Lyons writes for Newsweek.com and is another one who believes in the arrival of iTablet

Daniel Lyons writes for Newsweek and is another one who believes in the arrival of iTablet

He much more the Fake Steve than a reporter from Newsweek, but last Wednesday Daniel Lyons put himself in the role of media professional to join Flamengo fans while waiting for the so-called iTablet.

Daniel Lyons with Apple T-shirt

Lyons does not bring extra information about the device, but believes that it can "reinvent computing", acting as a giant iPhone that runs apps that we already know, in addition to opening doors for a number of others, specific to those devices with larger screens. If the iPhone OS stimulated the creation of more than 85 thousand applications in such a short time, why can't iTablet be able to do the same?

ITablet will, of course, be a fully multimedia and touchscreen product, but the coolest thing is to be a computer always connected to the internet, either via Wi-Fi or via 3G. “The internet is no longer a destination, somewhere you’re going. You don't ‘go on the internet’. You are always in it. It is just there, like the air you breathe ”, remarks the reporter.

Lyons' view of Ma's tablet does not differ much from what we all thought about tablets even before the first ones hit the market. In my opinion, Apple did not wait that long simply to launch a cute product with no “wow” factor. We will probably know in January 2010, but I have to agree with him: it is just crazy that a product receives so much spontaneous media without even having been advertised. Only Apple.