Daily Game Videos: Find the best games from the Play Store

Finding a game for your smartphone can take a long time. With the Daily Game Videos app, you get the best recommendations, and you can test just what's really worth it. Check it out below.

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Daily Game Videos selects the well-rated game videos from the Play Store. / Google, ANDROIDPIT

If there's one thing that the Play Store still doesn't do well to recommend apps. The game catalog in the Google app store is packed with news, but many of them only fill your advertising screen, even when the screenshots promised an interesting game.

This problem may now have been mitigated. The Daily Game Videos (DGV) app intelligently filters out Play Store selection. Only apps with more than 75 ratings and a minimum of 4 stars are included. By passing these criteria, the game is then separated by gender in DGV.

daily game videos
Daily Game Videos offers a simple way to select games from the Play Store. / ANDROIDPIT

Also, instead of app descriptions, the app only shows the video of the game, so you get a quick idea of ​​the graphics, gameplay, etc. A good idea that has everything to win users. My only criticism is that the videos posted are from the game developers themselves, and some show animations that do not match the game itself.

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If you have downloaded the app, let us know what you think in the comments!

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