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No more wasting time accessing e-commerce sites that are not only mobile friendly! The application of Dafiti, the largest online fashion store in Brazil, has just been launched for Android. The application allows the user to navigate among more than 75,000 products, of over 600 brands available and buy shoes, clothes, bags, accessories, sporting goods, beauty and home, with free shipping for purchases over R $ 99.90. The company released a video to show the functionality of the Android app, but we tested the app and you can see the details below!

Functions & Usage

Through the filters, the user can search by price, brand, size and color. Key features of the app include the ability to track order delivery status, request changes or returns, and speak with Dafiti customer service. In addition, through the application you can also sign up to receive the latest promotions and news from and share products through social networks. When you find a product you like, you can bookmark it to compare with other products and buy later.

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Dafiti's clean app home screen is sleek in design and simply divides the four main product departments: Women's, Men's, Children's, and Home. By clicking on one of the segments, the user has the option to search for promotional products and news, in addition to having access to the list of items by product type, such as boots, slippers, tennis shoes or shoes. The controls are pretty intuitive and to see more products on the same screen, just slide it down and new items will appear.

Dafiti app review

In the icon located in the upper right corner of the app screen, there is a static menu that offers the Home, Cart, My Account, Favorites, and FAQ / Help buttons.

I tested it on my device and the 5.5-inch screen display of the Galaxy Note II was very good.

Speed ​​& Stability

Dafiti's Android app product catalog works well and loads images fast. The app did not crash or freeze once during testing, including using search filters and zooming photos. When browsing 3G, the images took a little longer to load, certainly due to the slow connection. But on Wi-Fi, there were no stability or speed issues.

Price / Performance Ratio

The Dafiti app is free and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Final Verdict

Overall, the app performed well, with good usability and a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate. It ran well on both Tim and Oi's 3G network, where the tests were done, and Wi-Fi.

The app does very well what it promises: access to thousands of Dafiti store products quickly and with quality information. It is worth installing the app and always have all the products in store!

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