Dadus Project teaches kids to preserve online identity

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The National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) started a campaign that aims to alert the youngest to the dangers on the Internet, namely with regard to the contacts established online.

The Dadus Project was created under a protocol signed last year with the Ministry of Education, through the Directorate-General for Innovation and Curricular Development and is developed by journalist and writer António Costa Santos and a team from the commission.

This campaign is divided into two fronts, the school component and the extra-school component.

In the first, thematic content is made available to students, while the second has a blog at SAPO, which aims to get closer to young people.

At the blog, security and data protection are addressed more directly and in a language closer to that used by the target of the project, students of the 2nd and 3rd cycle.

For this, the image of a boy, Eduardo (Dadus), is used, who raises doubts on the website and shares his experiences through interaction with the public.

The Dadus Project addresses other risks related to the disclosure of personal data to strangers although, as is understandable at a time when the world online it takes more and more space in the lives of young people, attention is more focused on sharing information on the Internet.

Isabel Cruz, secretary general of CNPD, in statements to Lusa, explained that this campaign arises in an attempt to alert the younger public to the risks they run and to have «self-determination».

To help the youngest, the school area of ​​the project also has Thematic Units for data protection, where teachers can find a systematization of the topics to be worked on, informative support sheets and support sheets, suggestions for activities to be promoted with the students , work materials and knowledge assessment exercises, as well as summaries for students.

The Dadus Project was presented publicly today, on the date that the European Data Protection Day is celebrated, in a ceremony that took place in the Assembly of the Republic.

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