D-Link expande sua linha Covr de WiFi Mesh

D-Link Expands Covr WiFi Mesh Line

We in the Connected World are keeping an eye on Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las vegas, which officially starts tomorrow, but some news is already being announced at the beginning of the week.

Among the most diverse news, to be expected some involving the internet. And as we all know, WiFi Mesh technology is the future of home connectivity. This time we have an update from one of the users of this technology. THE D-Link just announced an extension of its line Covr Whole Home Wifi.

Only two models of a system WiFi Mesh presented by D-Link, the Tri-band AC2200 (COVR2202) it's the AC1200 (COVRC1203). The proposed system presented by D-link bring WiFi signal coverage to any home or environment in which it is installed.



2-Piece or 3-Piece Wi-Fi SystemDual-band AC1200 Wi-Fi with MU-MIMOQualcomm Mesh Networking PlatformSmart RoamingSmart Steering2x3 Internal AntennasTwo Gigabit Ports per Unit (WAN / LAN Auto Detect) Setup and Management Using the D-Wi-Fi App LinkUSB-C



2-Piece Wi-Fi SystemHigh Power Design with AmplifiersTri-Band AC2200 Wi-Fi with MU-MIMOQualcomm Mesh Networking Platform Intelligent Backhaul Automatically Focuses the Signal for the Best Connection ) Setup and management using the D-Link Wi-Fi app

It also allows you to add new points according to the size of the place you are installed so that you do not leave blind spots.

One of the most interesting features ofCovr Whole Home Wi-Fi and third party WiFi Mesh is in the presence of technologySmart roaming, able to automatically switch between Wi-Fi hotspots as the user moves around the area. This schedule chooses the best point of the house to provide connection.

In addition, each added unit has two ports Gigabit Ethernet LAN to bring wired connectivity to the location where it is installed.

According to D-Link, Covr Whole Home operates with technology Smart steering, able to reduce the buffer and connection delay, correctly directing network traffic according to access.

What and how does a WiFi Mesh network work?

It is not difficult to explain how the structure of a WiFi Mesh network is set up, basically there is a main router and other WiFi devices create new connection points of the same quality.

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Each point installed in the network works similarly to signal extenders and repeaters, taking the signal within a radius of its location. But make no mistake, they are not just extenders, the technology invested in this system allows each point of these installed to generate even more speed. Different from what happens on other WiFi systems.

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