Czech Republic expels cameras from Street View

فرضت Google غرامة على الولايات المتحدة لتأخيرها التحقيقات في التجوّل الافتراضي

The Czech Republic has banned Google from continuing to collect images for Street View, claiming that the company has failed to comply with legal procedures for obtaining the necessary authorization.

According to the Associated Press in Prague, the country’s data protection office said the research giant did not guarantee the registration necessary to capture the images – which add the possibility of accessing 360-degree views of the streets included in Google maps.

The argument is similar to that invoked by the National Data Protection Commission, in Portugal, when it prevented the company’s cameras from continuing to collect images in the national territory, stating that Google «did not yet meet the requirements imposed for the online publication of images» .

The body responsible for this matter in the Czech Republic revealed today that since April the company had been investigated for failure to meet the requirements imposed by the country, but refused to provide further clarification, referring the details to a press conference to be held over the next week.

Editorial Note: A typo in the word «place» has been corrected.