Cypress director gives tip about iTablet in “Jornal da Globo” last night

Normally the video below would be just another Mac Pop, but this time it’s all right: in a technological report from last night, the Newspaper brought information about news on touch sensitivity projects. The virtual reality that they show super cool, drooling.

But the part that really interests us to appear more towards the end, starting at 5 ′:

The Rede Globo reporter spoke to Gokul Krishnan, director of Cypress Semiconductor, a company that specializes in touch solutions. Click Wheel iPods. While he describes what the multi-touch tablets of the future will look like, we see many images of iPhones / iPods touch. But the best part when the narrator says, "For contract reasons, they can't talk about it."

Of course, this "contract" can be with any company, but a position like that, in this context, does not allow us to imagine that Gokul, who also foresees the disappearance of keyboards in the next five years, refers to another company other than Apple.

(Tip from moises doofy It's from Diogo Freire, thanks!)