Cycloramic 2.0 now allows you to take panoramic photos on your iPhone 5, without using your hands

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Cycloramic 2.0

The first time we tested the app Cycloramic, we were not very successful, as we had tried on a not very smooth surface. Then, the developers contacted us to explain this particularity and say that soon they would improve the application even more.

Cycloramic uses the iPhone’s native vibration to revolve around itself, making it possible to create a video at a 360 ° angle. Now, they’ve included a feature that a lot of people asked for: panoramic photoswithout using your hands.

You place the device upright on a super smooth surface and it rotates by itself, capturing the images. Check out the video:

We reinforce the fact that it works more specifically on the iPhone 5, on very smooth surfaces, such as glass. We invite readers who won an application code here, to test the new version and tell us what they thought of the news. ?

The app costs $ 0.99 and is available on the App Store (link).