Cyborg Hawk Linux, the advanced PenTest distribution you were looking for

Meet this new Linux distribution for PenTest

"The world's most powerful and beautiful PenTest distribution in the world," at least as it says "in the box" of Cyborg Hawk Linux, knows the distribution.

Cyborg Linux, PenTest Distribution

Get to know this new distribution for penetration testing

Information technology professionals often test their systems for possible vulnerabilities to avoid them (if they should not), and in this particular sector PenTest distributions come in, most professionals already have their favorite, today we will meet It is the distro that wants a space in this segment.

Cyborg Hawk Linux

As little as I could see of the system it actually has a wide range of testing tools, see the image below:

Cyborg Linux Programs

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS based system and uses Gnome environment in Fallback mode, very low system memory consumption, check out:

Cyborg linux

More information about the system:

See you next time!

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