Cyberterrorism gives death penalty in Pakistan

Cyberterrorism gives death penalty in Pakistan

The practice of cyberterrorism in Pakistan will now be punishable by death.

At the origin of the new Pakistani law is the intention to harden the consequences of actions that could threaten national security.

In this case, supported by the computer or any other electronic device.

The new legislation announced by the Government is called the Law for the Prevention of Electronic Crimes and takes the most serious penalty in cases where cyber-terrorist action results in the death of one or more people.

Visa is aimed at both Pakistanis residing in the country and foreigners, who may or may not reside in the country, according to the local Associated Press.

Lighter penalties – up to 10 years – are defined for other crimes related to computer use such as illegal entry into third party systems, electronic fraud, unauthorized access to codes, among other crimes.

Pakistani law provides several definitions for «terrorist act», covering a wide range of criminal actions in the designation and considering various purposes.

Namely, the creation of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.