Cybersquating and phishing lead computer threats targeting trademarks

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THE cybersquatting, The phishing, false name association and click fraud are the most serious threats to companies or entities holding trademarks with a presence on the Internet.

The alert is from MarkMonitor, a company that provides security solutions for companies and maintains the Brandjacking index.

It is according to the latest edition of the table, preceded by a survey carried out over four weeks, that the four computer threats are presented as the most serious to be taken into account by companies.

THE cybersquatting it is the act by which domain names are acquired equal to the names of companies or projects, with the aim of reselling them at significantly higher prices.

The phishing designates the activity of seeking to collect personal data and accessing bank accounts, for example, by falsifying a email with that request, on behalf of an entity such as a bank or other.

Click fraud, on the other hand, is used to deceive the user who believes he / she will receive for each click made on certain websites or products.

Finally, the study identifies fraud by association, or kiting, which designates the attempt to create websites with an identification designation that identifies real brands with the same purpose of deceiving the user.

In a period of four weeks, like the one in which the research carried out in April was carried out and extended to several sectors of activity, a brand gets to receive 286 thousand types of cybersquatting attacks.

In the same period, so-called click fraud was identified 50,743 times, while frauds directly related to electronic commerce were identified 21,093 times.

Attacks using the false association have been detected more than 11,000 times.

According to the company responsible for the study, Internet companies are the most targeted for attempts to attack cybersquatting, while banks are the main targets of phishing it’s from kiting, reveals Reuters that advances the news.

The company also states that it was only in March that attacks phishing increased 104 percent and adds that due to their records in that period, 229 brands, mostly financial, were the target of attacks.

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