CyberMonday ends below expectations

CyberMonday enters the 2nd edition

Last Sunday closed the first Portuguese edition of CyberMonday. The initiative brought together 50 stores, which for a week promoted discounts on products from different areas, attracting more than 50 thousand visitors, which allowed about 53 thousand redirections to participating stores.

The final figures, the organizers admit, were «far below expectations», which were high. Sónia Files, from KuantoKusta – who organized the initiative – explains to TeK that this was largely due to a «timid bet by the stores on the initiative», something that the organization says it understands in part, «since we are talking about the first edition» of the initiative.

«We didn’t know very well how people were going to react, but expectations were very high», assumes Sónia Files. The intention to repeat CyberMonday next year, however, remains, as the organizers believe that after a first edition and with more time to prepare the event, «stores will risk more in prices and products to promote and consumers will have more confidence in CyberMonday «.

These are, in fact, two of the areas to improve in the 2010 edition of CyberMonday, as the organization assumes. Better understand what consumers interested in this type of initiative want, what they expect to have more time to prepare the event and ensure more attractive offers in terms of prices, «showing stores that it is necessary to truly bet on promotions», concludes Sónia Files .

Cristina A. Ferreira