CyberMonday debuts in Portugal this month

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Online shopping enthusiasts have additional motivation at the end of the month to anticipate Christmas shopping.

CyberMonday, an originally American initiative will arrive in Portugal later this month.

The organization is from the price comparison website Kuantokusta, which brings to the country a successful recipe in the American market that has been in force for a decade.

The idea is to bring together several stores, selling different types of products and offering consumers special and exclusive prices for the initiative.

The number of stores participating in the online price discounting initiative is not yet closed, but the organization guarantees the participation of a minimum of 100 stores, which will sell discounted products between the 30th of November and the 6th of December.

The objective is to ensure a varied offer of products in areas such as information technology, fashion, decoration, toys, sports, home, cosmetics, music, films, among others.

Sónia Files explained to TeK that the idea came about following the success of the initiative with the same name in the United States, but that it was the replica of the event in France, also with success, that motivated the final decision.

«This is an event with some tradition and quite an impact among consumers, especially those most familiar with the web and who dispense with the huge lines and confusions of Black Friday», acknowledges the marketing and communication consultant at Kuantokusta.

«However, an event of this nature could (and can) be perceived in a different way among people of different cultures.

In this sense, the fact that the event is already practiced in France helped in the decision to bring CyberMonday to Portugal», he adds.

The closer proximity of French culture to Portuguese culture leads the organization to believe that the initiative will succeed here and to make plans, even before the first edition, to ensure the annual holding of CyberMonday.

«KuantoKusta intends to repeat the event every year.

We do not know if this year will already have the desired impact, because not many people are already familiar with the concept.

The same is true for stores that are not yet prepared for a model of such an innovative business «, admits Sónia Files.

However, the official believes that the disclosure this year will allow that in 2010 the event already occupies a place of greater importance in the Christmas shopping of the Portuguese.

The electronic address where this kind of online fair will be held is now accessible and displays a countdown to the start of the initiative.

Cristina A. Ferreira