Cyberdoubts prepares news to celebrate 10th anniversary

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Ciberdúvidas is celebrating 10 years.

Created to answer questions about the language of Camões, the platform clarifies grammatical, orthographic and phonetic doubts assuming itself as a kind of office that serves all types of users in various parts of the world.

To mark the first decade of life, Ciberdúvidas should already have two news online, postponed for technical reasons but which should be available in the coming days, and which will facilitate the use of the site and the search for information.

The database consisting of almost 20 thousand texts, answers to readers’ questions, will become part of this remodeling in a searchable march by thematic classification, which according to José Maria Costa, founder and director of the project, will make life much easier for reader.

Whether in the graphical presentation of results or in reliability.

The new graphics on the site is another novelty prepared by Ciberdúvidas which daily receives more than 100 doubts that come mainly from Portugal and Brazil, but also from other parts of the world such as China, Argentina, Spain or the United States.

The new Ciberdúvidas will also allow the project team to get to know its users better and segment them, but José Mário Costa says that there are many technical professionals looking for this tool, along with students and teachers.

To answer such a wide range of questions, the Ministry of Education allocated 2 full-time teachers to the project, with the collaboration of 3 to 4 more people on a part-time basis and a group of more than a dozen other employees regular with diverse backgrounds that contribute to the resolution of the most technical doubts of doctors, computer experts, judges, journalists, etc.

Ciberdúvidas has existed since 1997 and has been on the verge of disappearing due to the lack of financial support, since the project is freely accessible and not for profit.

Nowadays it is hosted by SAPO and has the sponsorship of the Vodafone Foundation and CTT.

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