Cybercriminals get 2.5 million euros from fake emails

Cybercriminals get 2.5 million euros from fake emails

The Lisbon directorate of the Judiciary Police has a thousand investigating cases related to the embezzlement of money through phishing which, in the first four months of the year alone, will have added 2.5 million euros.

This type of crime, which uses emails false, has been increasing over the past three years, at an average of 25 percent per year, driven by the economic situation of many of the victims, said Rogério Bravo, the head of the PJ’s Computer Crime and High Technology section, in statements to the Diário de Notícias.

«Unfortunately, there are many people who continue to fall and who respond to emails, for example to job offers, some because they are in economic difficulties and think they have found a way out of the situation, and others out of greed and who are seduced by this type of business «, says Rogério Bravo.

There are also those who use true information, a child who is sick, for example, to raise monetary support and keep that money.

The mentors of these schemes are organized networks that, in the vast majority of cases, operate from abroad, although some suspects operating in Portugal have already been identified, says the official.

Rogério Bravo also reveals to the DN that 20 percent of the total (200) of the computer crime cases under investigation in the Lisbon PJ is related to the wantonness of people’s private lives, with someone who, out of malice or revenge, circulates a rumor.

The remaining 10 percent are related to people who use the Internet for fun, namely to spread panic.