Cyber ​​Monday in Portuguese with 20 thousand visits at startup

Cyber ​​Monday in Portuguese with 20 thousand visits at startup

On the opening day, the Portuguese version of the day created in the United States to promote online shopping captivated the attention of 20 thousand visitors.

Yesterday accesses to the platform – which concentrates discounts of up to 60 percent guaranteed by 50 stores – were lower.

With the holiday there are fewer people online, justifies the organization, but even so the first balance sheet data are positive.

Although the participating stores are not all providing information on registered sales thanks to their participation in the initiative, the organization reports the registration of a store that since last Monday managed to invoice 40 thousand euros through Cyber ​​Monday.

Portuguese Cyber ​​Monday is the responsibility of the price comparison site KuantoKusta.

It will continue until the 6th of December and intends to assert itself as an annual initiative, as it happens in the United States.

As it is being carried out for the first time, it is not possible to make comparisons with the previous year, contrary to what happens in the country of origin, where the almost five years of Cyber ​​Monday already allow us to draw some conclusions.

As TeK already mentioned today, the conclusions of this year are indeed quite positive, with record sales recorded through online channels.