CyanogenMod will no longer exist, in its place we will have the Lineage OS


CyanogenMod has been a haven for many people who don’t like to use Android the way construction companies usually do. Bringing a more pure and optimized experience for several different devices, but unfortunately the project will not continue.

The project maintained by Cyanogen Inc. ended up being abandoned in the year 2016 and now in 2017 many people were concerned about the future of Cyagenogen Mod. But as a good open source program it will continue to be developed, albeit under a different name.

The Lineage OS will continue exactly where CyanogenMod stopped, even with some former members of the original development, including one of the founders. For you to stay on top of the news that the Lineage OS will bring, follow the project on your social networks and mainly through the new official website.