CyanogenMod: Two Versions Announced and New Video Function

CyanogenMod: Two Versions Announced and New Video Function

And the news keeps coming from the popular custom ROM / software company. This time we have an important announcement from one of the founders about the future of ROM, as well as the announcement of a new role by one of its developers.

Since its transformation into a company, news comes at a fast pace from CM. CyanogenMod

Two issues

Steve Kondik revealed at the Big Android BBQ developer conference that ROM will soon be two issues: a Community Edition and a Pro Edition. THE Community Edition In general, the ROM version we can already install. It is intended for everyone who wants complete freedom on their smartphones. Hacking and theming, in addition to other actions, are possible with this version, which gives root access to the device.

With the Pro Edition, the other story. Although the name suggests it is a special version of CyanogenMod for power usersIt's just the opposite, turning to the group that installed the custom ROM through CyanogenMod Installer and doesn't have much experience in the ROM universe.

At Pro Edition, root access is disabled, and so the ROM at first glance looks like Android versions produced by various manufacturers. The advantage that advanced configurations are available at any time, root access can be enabled and Pro Edition can easily become Community Edition.

Community Edition
Pro Edition
Made for Hacking / Modding Built for safety
Debugging can be done by user Intended for the average user (no possibility of debugging)
Signed with public keys Signed with private keys
Root comes on Root comes off
Moved by the community OSS project as basis
Highly flexible system updates Simple and automatic updates
New versions every 2 weeks
One of the news is Live Folders. / CyanogenMod

Other News

But that is not all. In addition to the two editions Steve Kondik announced the following functions:

  • Special APIs should give developers access to specific CyanogenMod functions.
  • Remote Display Framework: This will allow you to wirelessly stream your smartphone content to other screens. Examples of use include Airplay, Chromecast and screen videos.
  • Live Folders will show alternate content directly on the homescreen, such as the last conversations.
  • Unified Messaging: With the new messaging app, not only SMS and Hangouts, but all messaging services will be unified. The CyanogenMod team argues that the people you talk to should be given priority, not apps. Live Folder Recent Conversations remembers the last messaging service used with a particular person and opens it automatically, straight from the homescreen.

Some new features like Live Folder are only integrated with Nightly Versions, and can be tested by the community.


Video Capture

An interesting new function deserves attention. It was announced by developer Koushik Dutta, and allows you to record videos of your smartphone operations.

To take a screenshot on many Android devices, you simply have to click the power button and turn the volume down at the same time. Now the CM people have created the possibility to activate the video capture with the power button and volume up button pressed simultaneously. External image and sound are recorded, and finger flick on the screen can be seen as a white dot.

The new function is very useful when you want to demonstrate smartphone or tablet functions or applications, as well as to record an error and send the video as bug report to the developers.

This app will soon be available from CyanogenMod, but a specific date was not mentioned by Koushik Dutta. Nor is a standalone application that works without the custom ROM planned.

Watch the demo video of the new feature below:

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