CyanogenMod theme leaves your smartphone looking like Android L

Tema CyanogenMod membuat smartphone Anda tampak seperti Android L

While we wait for the arrival of the Android L, how about having your smartphone’s user interface optimized for Material Design? The member dully79 from the forum XDA Developers decided to create a theme based on Android L for CM11 and make it available on the Play Store. Check out some features of IdeaL Theme Light.

mat des home

CyanogenMod theme makes your smartphone look like Android L! / © dully79

The first thing you need to know is that to install IdeaL Theme Light you will need root access and run with the latest custom ROM with CyanogenMod 11 theme engine. The new theme brings the redesigned system frames and user interface, with custom animations, new fonts, wallpapers and icons, all based on what we have already seen in the developer version of Android L.

IdeaL Theme Light Android L BR

IdeaL Theme Light: Home screen and quick shortcuts. / © ANDROIDPIT

IdeaL Theme Light Android L BR 01

IdeaL Theme Light: Agenda and Clock. / © ANDROIDPIT

IdeaL Theme Light Android L BR 02

IdeaL Theme Light: Calculator and Dialer. / © ANDROIDPIT

As we can see in the screenshots above, the new theme brings many elements of other software that we have already seen imitating the UI of the new version of Google’s OS, such as the Moonshine icon pack, for example. However, there is not much to avoid the visual characteristics of other themes also based on the Material Design lines, right?

If you were interested in IdeaL Theme Light and have all the necessary requirements for installing the application, visit the Play Store to download it right now.

So, what did you think of IdeaL Theme Light?