CyanogenMod plans own operating system [Atualizado]

CyanogenMod plans own operating system [Atualizado]

The Android f community of custom ROM can celebrate: CyanogenMod has raised $ 7 million in seed capital and one of its founders, Steve Kondik, has announced the formation of a software company itself. Your plans are not at all modest. It aims to make ROM its own operating system, outnumber Windows Phone and BlackBerry users and be the third most popular OS on the planet. The first step for the new company was to announce a much simpler method of installing ROM. See the details.

CyanogenMod logo neu
Now officially a software company. / CyanogenMod

It was Steve Kondik himself who spoke: the current ROM installation process is horrendous, and the company's first goal is to make available on the Play Store an installation application that simplifies the steps. The app comes with a program for Windows that will actually do most of the work. The Mac version will come later, and one for Linux only if there is demand, because Linux users usually don't have problems with the current ROM installation process. This should all be done within the next few weeks.

cyanogenmod installer 1
CM wants to simplify the ROM installation process. / CyanogenMod

As for the project of becoming an operating system, little has been said, and the mystery will only be revealed gradually. The availability of Nightly ROMs and the development of a security system in retrospect would be a preparation for this new stage. Most likely the OS will use Android as its base. open source. Also, next week will be announced the partnership with a hardware company. This means that in the near future we may see factory devices running with CM.

Good news for the Android world, no? Would you buy a device with CyanogenMod from the factory?

Updated on 20.09.2013 – A video has just dropped to the network that identifies Oppo N1 as the device that runs with the new CyanogenMod OS. CM founder Steve Kondik appears in a video (using Google Glass) published on Oppo's official page, where he says users can wait for the news. At the end you can see the date "September 23rd". So, will we have Oppo N1 as the device that supports CM OS, how about?

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