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CyanogenMod launches GaleryNext photo app

For those who think the Android Photos and Gallery apps are very basic and have few functions, good news: CyanogenMod launched GalleryNextis a photo app that integrates with cloud services like Flickr and Picasa.

Screenshot 2014 01 14 00 55 13
A slider bar lets you add services and view photos of these or locations. / AndroidPIT

The app very simple but still beta. The idea behind GalleyNext is to improve the ASOP Gallery that accompanies CM. Among the app's functions:

  • You can view all photos in one place;
  • Integration with Dropbox, Picasa (G +), Flickr and Facebook;
  • 'Moments' support (based on metadata, the app automatically groups and sorts photos);
  • Playback of videos;
  • GIF support
  • End of photo duplication in the "All" option.
Screenshot 2014 01 14 00 55 54
How each service is displayed. / AndroidPIT

CM has many plans for the app, they plan to add the KitKat UI and photo editor support. I have been with the app recently, but so far it looks pretty fluid and easy to use apart from the fact that the app has closed itself sometimes. I also missed the possibility of move photos from one service to anotherbut who knows in the final verse?

To download GalleryNext, you must join the CyanogenMod Community GalleryNext Beta Community on Google+, then click here to join the beta, and then download the app from the Google Play Store.

Someone used the app, what is your opinion?

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