CyanogenMod launches first stable release of CM13

CyanogenMod launches first stable release of CM13

It took a long time, but finally the CyanogenMod developers released the first stable release of CM13. It seems that this time they decided to wait for Google to release the preview of Android N then release the custom ROM with Android Marshmallow.

The CM13 brought several new features from Android 6.0, such as Twelve and the new permissions model, plus CM's own new features, such as fingerprint support for protected apps and a new C-Apps package (expected to arrive in one or a few weeks). ).

The CM13 installation varies depending on what you have installed on your phone, so check the launch post and check what scenario you fit into.

For now, the stable CM13 (Marshmallow) is available for about 40 devices, including:

Important: s install a custom ROM if you know what you are doing and have a good recovery. AndroidPIT is not responsible for any damage caused to your smartphone during the installation of CM13, nor for the loss of warranty of the device.

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CyanogenMod always follows the release of new versions of Android, but this time the developers took a little longer to release the first stable version. Perhaps the Android system is growing in complexity, which makes it difficult to develop custom versions. Or maybe manufacturers are abandoning developer support, which would mean a decrease in available customizations.

Unfortunately, I don't have any of the smartphones on the list, so I can't test the stable version of CM13. Has anyone installed it? How is she behaving?

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