CyanogenMOD is now called LineageOS. Know where to find it

CyanogenMOD is now called LineageOS. Know where to find it

Cyanogen Inc. has changed. Steve Kondik, one of the company's founding dinosaurs is leaving the chair, but that doesn't mean the death of the CyanogenMod idea. From January 1, 2017, CyanogenMod will be renamed LineageOS.

Yes, Cyanogen Inc. will no longer be responsible for the development of CyanogenMod (not Cyanogen OS) from next year. However, he stated that he would not leave the community at hand and would make the ROM source code accessible to anyone who wants to continue the software.

Here we have the confirmation of the team name that will be responsible for the task of continuing the development of the most popular custom ROM in the market. So far, it is known that LineageOS will be made up of people linked to the original CyanogenMod project, but it is not yet exactly who joins this team. Many believe that Steve Kondik could be part of this new team.

If you are a big fan of CyanogenMod and would like to continue using and following custom ROM development, make sure you have the new address of the official pages of the LineageOS developer team:

Do you intend to continue following the CyanogenMod team through LineageOS or too much drama for your head?

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