CyanogenMod can now be installed via SMS [Atualizado com tutorial]

CyanogenMod sekarang dapat diinstal melalui SMS [Atualizado com tutorial]

In the AndroidPIT forum CyanogenMod is by far the most personalized ROM with more installation tutorials, perhaps because the software developers are increasingly making it easier to use alternative tools for using them. But now they have outdone themselves: how about flashing or updating the CyanogenMod ROM via SMS? The method is unusual, but the application SMS-Romer is now available on the XDA-Developers forum.

CyanogenMod 11 android 4 4 for nexus

CyanogenMod now via SMS ?! / © CyanogenMod

To use SMS-Romer you need to meet two conditions:

1. Your device must run Custom-Recovery TWRP; 2. The smartphone must be among the list of devices that have official CyanogenMod support.

sms romer

SMS-Romer installed and running on your smartphone can speed up the CyanogenMod update process! / © XDA-Developers

If you meet both prerequisites, you can send a «special» text message from your phone and the SMS-Romer will then download the desired CyanogenMod version and do the flash using the recovery mode mentioned above. The text message must contain the file selected by the user, this is done through a special code, otherwise the commands will be ignored. Here is an example: nightly -c -d -g specialcode.

SMS-Romer is available for free on the XDA-Developers forum, download here.

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How to use SMS Romer

Many users are asking how SMS Romer works and here is a short explanation of the process. First, as mentioned above, it is necessary that your device is supported by CyanogenMod and that it can perform Custom-Recovery TWRP. After that, you need to install SMS Romer on the XDA website, the address you find above (of course your device needs to be rooted).

sms rooter

Keep in mind that administrative access from your smartphone will be required! / © AndroidPIT

With these three prerequisites met, now it’s time to start the fun! The first thing is to create a «Special Code», so click on Special Code and create your own code, which will act as a password for your device (this is necessary so that I, for example, do not try to send a password to install or delete data from your device). That done, now just know what you want to install on your smartphone.

sms romer special code

Create your own special code and keep it the same as your password! / © AndroidPIT

That done, now it’s your turn to choose what you want to do. In my example I will install a CyanogenMod Stable Build, make Wipe Data and Wipe Cache, for that (and here’s the trickster’s prank), you will forward a message from your cell phone to another cell that meets the same prerequisites (have SMS Romer, Custom-Recovery TWRP and be supported by CyanogenMod). In this case, the message would look like this:

stable -w -c -g pit

Where «pit» is mine special code.

After that, the software will work on its own. In other words, what the application will do is send a command line via SMS, then it downloads a build of CyanogenMod, restarts your device in recovery mode and installs this firmware.

You must pay attention that a command will start with the version of CyanogenMod you want: stable, nightly, snapshot or release candidate (RC). Thus, you will enter recovery commands that should include:

  • -g to install Google Apps
  • -w for wiping data
  • -c for wiping cache
  • -d for wiping dalvik data

So, is it easier now?

If you have already tried the novelty, share your impressions in the comments below.