Cyanogen OS now brings the virtual assistant Cortana integrated to OnePlus One

Cyanogen OS now brings the virtual assistant Cortana integrated to OnePlus One

Cyanogen people have never hidden that they increasingly want to disconnect from Google services. So, they took another step: the new version of the Cyanogen OS 12.1.1 ROM for OnePlus One brings the Microsoft Cortana wizard pre-installed on the system. They had promised this before, but it is the first time that a ROM officially brings the assistant on a device.

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Cortana came to Google Play in August 2015 to be installed on any device. Obviously, in the case of a third-party application, there is no possibility to integrate fully with the device as with Google Now. Thus, Microsoft’s assistant is quite limited compared to the Windows Phone version.

Of course, Google will never allow that; after all, they already have the Google Now assistant and do not want another one integrated with Android, let alone rival Microsoft.

cortana android

Microsoft’s Cortana is integrated with Android in the Cyanogen OS ROM! / © Cyanogen

Cortana on OnePlus One now works integrated into the system, and it will even have the hotword «Hey Cortana» to access the assistant. Initially, there is support for alarms, silent mode and settings triggered by voice commands. But this is just the beginning, according to Cyanogen Inc., thanks to deep integration with the operating system. In the future, Cortana will be able to do even more on the OS, something similar to what it already does on Windows Phone.

cortana cards menu ENG w782

Cortana cards and side menu on Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

If you are a happy OnePlus One user, the update is available in the system menu, but be aware that the «12» in the version indicates that this is still Lollipop and not Marshmallow. And as not everything is flowers, Cortana will be limited to the US for now, but you can test it by asking in English. Cyanogen also doesn’t want to force you to use it: Cortana can be uninstalled just like any other app.

To install the normal version on your Android, just click here. As it is a trial version, you first need to register as a tester, after which the link is released.

Have you used Cortana through the app? What did you think of her?