Cyanogen Inc. dismisses one-fifth of its employees and changes strategy

Cyanogen Inc. has just completed a massive round of layoffs. Most of the affected employees worked in the ROM development area, which leads us to believe that the company will undergo a serious change in strategy.

In all, 30 of the 136 staff members were dismissed on Friday, July 22, according to the Android Police. This represents over 20% of the company's total staff. Most of these, according to the source, worked on the development of Cyanogen OS.

Cyanogen Inc. was established in 2013 to professionalize the idea behind ROM CyanogenMod, which is an open source system based on Android. CyanogenMod offers a very close experience to pure Android, but without the name and without the Google apps. Cyanogen OS is the "professional" version of ROM.

AndroidPIT xiaomi MI 3 Cyanogen mode
Is this the end of the Cyanogen OS we know? / ANDROIDPIT

The company had an initial funding of $ 7 million, as well as subsequent rounds that raised $ 80 million (mainly thanks to Facebook and Telefónica de Espaa), which generated great excitement and enthusiasm in the developer community. However, the interest of other manufacturers for Cyanogen OS did not come, and the divorce with OnePlus caused many to doubt the usefulness of the system.

O Android Police He cites nearby sources to talk about a "turnaround for applications" by Cyanogen Inc. This change could cause the company to start focusing more on developing and building apps rather than the operating system. The change would be led by COO Lior Tal.

ROM is still available, but without a team dedicated to its development and support, the future of Cyanogen OS as we know it so far is uncertain.

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