Cut the Rope monster will soon become Tamagotchi-style virtual animal

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My Om Nom

One of the nicest games in the mobile world without a doubt is the Cut the Rope, in which you must cut strings to feed a little monster called Om Nom, who loves sweets.

This character has captivated so much that soon it will be possible to «create» it and watch it grow.

ZeptoLab, creator of the franchise, intends to launch a game in the style Tamagotchi, where you take care of a virtual pet.

With the name of My Om Nom, the game will allow you to adopt your own little monster and watch it grow.

It will also be possible to choose the gender of the pet, with the introduction of a new female character, the Om Nelle.

Check out the introduction videos:

The game hits the App Store next week, December 18th.