Cut the Rope 2 game comes to the Brazilian App Store

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One of the most popular games on the App Store today has its big sequel, with new characters, worlds and fun dynamics.

It’s the Cut the Rope 2, which is already available in the Brazilian (and Portuguese) store.

The game maintains the same original principle (making the candy reach the little monster’s mouth), but now the main character (Om Nom) travels through different environments, finding in each of them a friend who will help him to feed himself.

There are 5 worlds: Forest, Sand Dam, Junk yard, city’s park and Underground.

Various environments

To advance in each of them, you need to pass the levels individually (each world contains 24).

In addition to trying to get the three stars, each stage also won a “mission”, which is different for each one.

It can be completed without cutting any rope or reaching a certain number of points.

When you do, you get a medal.

Cut the Rope 2

The game also has several extra aids.

One is the Level Solution, a little bee that teaches you the way to go step-by-step so that you get 3 stars in a stage.

You start the game with two of these bees and you can unlock more by paying.

In fact, internal purchases are well emphasized in this version.

Cut the Rope 2

One type of purchase is the special clothes to wear Om Nom.

Pure perfumery, actually.

Throughout the game, you can win these clothes.

Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2

Overall, the game continues with exciting and fun challenges.

Anyone who is a fan of the other editions of the game and has already completed all of them, will like this one too.

What’s really cool is that finally ZeptoLab made a Universal version that applies to both iPhone / iPod and iPad.

The story is over having to buy different versions of the same game for different devices.

$ 0.99