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Cut the Rope 2 already has an official release date exclusively for iOS

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Cut the Rope 2

One of the most fun games on the App Store will soon have a sequel, which promises to be different from the original version. Until then, the developers had only released a video teaser about it, but now confirm the release date: December 19, next week.

From what is already known, the Cut the Rope 2 it will be much more difficult, but still accessible to children. One of the novelties will be the inclusion of 5 new creatures, spread across 5 different worlds. For example, there will be Forest World where the character Roto will load objects up and down the screen. At Sand Dam, Lick will make bridges with the tongue. In the world Junk yard, Blue make copies of yourself. At the Underworld, Boo will hinder Om Nom’s path. And finally Toss will bounce objects off your head with a spring in the world City Park.

For now, the game will be exclusive to iOS and will have a starting price of $ 0.99 (the iPhone version).