Cut in roaming tariffs voted and approved by the European Parliament

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The European Parliament’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy voted this morning in favor of cutting tariffs on roaming, within the scope of the European Commission’s proposal to revise European prices for mobile calls made abroad.

The proposal foresees a reduction of 40 euro cents per minute in the outgoing price of calls and 15 euro cents in the reception price (incoming), in addition to the immediate application of the measures, as soon as final approval in plenary takes place, the Associated Press advances.

The amounts voted are below those originally advanced in the EC proposal, which pointed to a reduction of 50 cents in outgoing calls and 25 cents in calls in incoming.

With the voting taking place within the scheduled schedule, it is expected that the new rules for international mobile calls will come into force in June, as was the wish of Viviane Reding, Commissioner for the Information Society and author of the proposal.

The last step before the new regulatory framework comes into force will be a plenary vote with the participation of 785 deputies with seats in parliament.

Three votes are left behind in so many specific committees in Parliament.

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