Customize any website using the Stylus extension


Sometimes we get bothered by a website that doesn’t have dark mode, a new social network layout that adds unnecessary content, or we just want to give a different look to a website that we visit frequently.

For this, there is a Stylus extension, which promises to solve these problems.

Available to Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera, Stylus is an open source extension that allows you to inject CSS or JS code into any website, allowing you to modify the look and content.

Through the Stylus, it is possible to add codes from websites such as Userstyles, like the Whatsapp Dark Mode, content found on Github as the Github Dark or even create your own code.

It is also possible to make more silly modifications, such as changing the YouTube playback bar to the Nyan Cat.


The Stylus also allows the creation of a backup file, which can be saved anywhere on your computer and imported into other browsers.

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