Customers scammed at selling U2 tickets online

Customers scammed at selling U2 tickets online

The PJ of Coimbra is receiving more and more complaints from U2 fans who claim to have been cheated in a sale of tickets for the Irish band’s concert over the Internet. Although no figures are known on how many people may have been affected, the promoter of the concerts in Portugal admits that this may be the biggest scam ever in the world of entertainment.

The information is now advanced by Jornal de Notícias, which quotes Álvaro Ramos, from Ritmos & Blues and a source from the Judiciary Police.

According to the newspaper, the concerts scheduled by U2 in Coimbra on 2 and 3 October, as well as the others on the Irish band’s current tour, gave rise to a huge scam with the sale of tickets on Internet sites, which buyers never arrived at home.

The complaints received by the PJ relate to purchases on the websites and, but the JN also cites the website, which has since disappeared from the Web, as one of the victims who paid for tickets with a credit card. credit.

Hundreds of complaints spread on national and international websites give an idea of ​​the scale of the fraud, which could reach thousands of victims. Álvaro Ramos, from Ritmos & Blues, promoter of the concerts in Portugal, justifies the fact by the popularity of the band, remembering that the tickets for the concerts in Coimbra sold out in seven hours.

Many of the scams took place in 2009, despite warnings that fans were limited to buying tickets at authorized counters and websites.

It should be remembered that tickets for these concerts cost – in legal networks – between 30 and over 100 euros, with the average price per ticket being around 70 euros. The last thousand tickets, offered for sale this week, cost between 125 and 260 euros, having sold out in a few hours.

The PJ admits that there is little chance that fraudsters will be caught, explaining that these sites are usually hosted «in remote countries or that they hardly cooperate with authorities in other countries», and the money may have already been transferred to offshore accounts, he said. a source from the Judiciary Police to the JN.