Customers can recover money from unsolicited SMS

Customers can recover money from unsolicited SMS

They are still referred to as occasional cases, but Jornal de NegĂłcios reports today that in some situations customers were able to recover the money they had paid for unsolicited SMS sequences.

According to the newspaper, the returns took place after the Attorney General’s Office filed two precautionary measures with the Lisbon Civil Court in order to suspend the sending and collection of value added messages, which include games, ringtones or songs.

In this precautionary measure, the PGR asks that, while there is no decision, a fine of one thousand euros be imposed for each SMS hand requested, a news that TeK had already advanced.

Unsolicited added-value messages were among the main reasons for complaints from mobile service customers at the time when new consumer protection legislation was published. even so, DECO believes that the legislation should be more complete and allow services to be blocked at the outset.

Last week, TeK put an online survey to its readers on this matter, after the European Commission closed half a hundred sites in Europe, and most of the readers who voted argue that value added content should really be banned.