Customers and e-commerce purchases increase in the second quarter

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The ACEP / Netsonda Barometer reveals that the amounts spent on purchases made over the Internet increased in the second quarter compared to the same period last year. In the same period, investment levels on platforms were maintained online majority of ACEP members who responded to the survey.

According to the document, 75 percent of the members of the Portuguese Association for the Promotion of Electronic Commerce say they have noticed an increase in sales made over the Internet in those months. Eighteen percent of respondents even said that this growth was over 50 percent.

59 percent of the surveyed companies, on the other hand, claim to have registered an increase of between one and 50 percent in the number of customers using their stores online, while 11 per cent assume a growth in the number of customers exceeding 50 per cent. Seventy percent of respondents maintained the level of investments in the period and 30 percent increased the value.

Electronics, computer products and videos and DVDs remain at the top of the sales list with shares of 41, 32 and 29 percent respectively.

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