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Customer curses IoT gadget that opens garages and bricked appliance by company

O Garadget is a device for Internet of Things (IoT) designed to solve common problems for those with a home and a car. It should prevent you from forgetting the open house gate when you go to work or at night and even prevent you from getting stuck outside. Who says this is the company itself, on your website page Indiegogo.

Which is extremely ironic in the case of user R. Martin, who had his Garadget blocked by the company after cursing them on the device forum and on the Amazon website. "It's rubbish, don't waste your money, the app is a piece of rubbish, it crashes constantly. The startup obviously didn't provide the proper quality tests on its products," wrote an angry Martin.

Director of Grand Junction, the gadget company, Denis Grisak took the pain for himself. He answered the user in the same tone and said that he has "poor control of his impulses". "I'm happy to provide customer support on my Saturday night, but I won't tolerate any tantrums," Grisak wrote.

He then said that the only option for Martin would be to return his Garadget to Amazon and ask for his money back. More than that: he said the user unit – who paid for the product – would be denied access to the server. That is, it effectively bricked a consumer's device.

It's not hard to imagine how this disproportionate response went viral after being shared by the Twitter profile of Internet of Shit.

Inevitably, after all the bullshit, Grisak had to apologize. "Okay, calm down everyone. Save your forks and torches for your elected politicians," the director tried to joke.

"The consumer dismissal was never about Amazon analysis, I just wanted to distance myself from the toxic individual right away," Grisak continued. "I admit it wasn't the most skillful public relations on my part." Finally, he sent the following tweet link from Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, posted in February 2016:

"It must be a very slow day of news if denying service to a super rude consumer gets so much attention," said Musk.

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