#CustoJustoemCasa: Platform wants to help the Portuguese to comply with the quarantine

At the height of the epidemic, companies have been trying to adapt the new reality imposed by COVID-19. In the case of CustoJusto, the platform starts to highlight online services on its homepage, including explanations, training, gymnastics classes or musical instruments, which may be useful in these quarantine days. The information can be found in the #CustoJustoemCasa section.

In order to make it easier to access information, the company has created, for example, a new category so that restaurants can advertise their services, both take-away and home deliveries, at a time when meals at home became the most common form. In this way we collaborate with either the restoration, thus allowing them to maintain activity, and we collaborate with individuals who can thus access the offers in an organized manner, explains Pedro Furtado, director-general of CustoJusto.pt.

The goal is for users to be able to take advantage of the platform to advertise and promote their services. Pedro Furtado also considers that, given the current situation, we all have added responsibilities. "Therefore, this" small contribution "aims to minimize the effects of this pandemic in some way.

The decision comes after the platform has decided to withdraw all advertisements for protective equipment for COVID-19, "in an effort to prevent speculation of these products".