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Curved Text, Rhythm Cat HD, Icon Plus and more!

Deals of the day on the App Store: Curved Text, Rhythm Cat HD, Icon Plus and more!

Take advantage of our selection of App Store promotions this Wednesday!

Curved Text app icon

Nota on the App Store

My grade

THE Curved Text, created by the MobiLab Co. staff, is a good tool for you to add curved text to your photos.

Containing dozens of shapes, styles, fonts and backgrounds, the app allows you to transform a cool photo into something sensational!

Not satisfied with the number of sources available? You can also add them via iTunes (soon via Finder) or email, without much difficulty.

Did you like it? Take advantage of the offer and use your creativity!

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Below are other applications / games that together add up almost R $ 82 in discounts:

IOS Apps

Rhythm Cat - Ler Musica app icon

Musical education.

1979 Revolution: A Cinematic Adventure Game app icon

A cinematic adventure.

New Gratitude Journal app icon

Gratitude diary.

Fine - Photo Editor app icon

Image editor.

Sorry, app not found.

Music utility.

MacOS app

Icon Plus icon - Icon & Logo Design

Utility for developers.

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Enjoy the offers and see you tomorrow – remember that they are always for a limited time, so it’s good to run! ?