Currently, almost two-thirds of Americans own at least one Apple product

MacBook, iPhone, Apple Watch e AirPods numa mesa branca

THE CNBC conducted a survey across the United States and found that 64% of Americans own at least one Apple device. For comparison, the same survey was conducted there in 2012 and showed that this rate was 50%.

In addition, among the 800 participants, the average user of the Apple company has at least 2.6 products; in 2012, that number was 1.6. The survey’s margin of error is about 3.5 percentage points.

In the current survey, the Apple device owner ratio among those with an annual income greater than $ 100,000 is 87%. That number, however, drops to 50% when it comes to Americans with an annual income of less than $ 30,000, retirees or women over the age of 50. And if you look at the wealthiest part of the western United States, we get an average of 4.7 devices per family, while in the south that number is 2.2 devices per family.

Given that Apple products are not cheap, these numbers are really impressive. As Jay Campbell, a researcher at Hart Research who conducted the research with the Public Opinion Strategies:

I can’t think of any other product – especially any other product with a high price – that has this type of penetration with the public and level of growth.

Focusing on the use that each person makes of their device, about 64% of the participants answered that the time spent with an iPhone is “predominantly productive and useful”; 27% of them classified it as “predominantly unproductive”.

Whenever some research like this comes up, I can’t help thinking about the Brazilian public of Maçã. If it were conducted here, what would be the differences? Any guesses?

via 9to5Mac