Current TV and Yahoo partnership bet on video services

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Current TV has established an agreement with the Yahoo portal to create four channels where video content created by professionals and amateurs will be hosted and made available. Just yesterday, Microsoft had restricted access to a new similar service, which it called SoapBox, and which should compete with the popular YouTube.

The four channels now created on Yahoo are not separate from the programming of Current TV, a satellite and American channel that aims to bring the voice of citizens to television, sponsored by Al Gore, the former vice president of the United States. The best videos posted by users on the portal’s new channels will, however, be shown on a special Current TV program.

Among the four channels there is space for news, with Yahoo! Current Buzz; sports news on Yahoo! Current Action; the automotive world, on Yahoo! Current Driver; and travel, with Yahoo! Current Traveler. Today, for debut, the main highlight goes to a video made by Bono, the lead singer of U2, during the last tour of the band.

Next year the two companies intend to add new content channels to Yahoo! Current, but have not yet disclosed which areas they intend to cover.

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