Curia receives new Microsoft Innovation Center

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Today the Curia Innovation Center is inaugurated, the result of a collaboration between Microsoft, the University of Aveiro, the Regional Development Agency, the Web for the Centro Region (WRC) and the Centro Region Informatics Association (AIRC), whose main objective will be the development of software for municipal management.

This center is promoted by Microsoft, which will provide support in the areas of training, architecture of the solutions to be developed, as well as their integration in the MIC ā€“ Microsoft Innovation Centers network ā€“ which carries out joint Research and Development initiatives between centers and universities. The management of the center will be in charge of AIRC together with the WRC and the University of Aveiro.

The creation of the Curia Innovation Center follows the protocol signed by the referred entities whose mission is based on the Ā«constitution of a Software.Net Development Center that will support the construction of innovative Municipal Management solutions, promoting the dissemination of the solutions produced by Development Center, Ā«says Microsoft in a statement.

This center will integrate a network of innovation centers, including the Microsoft Center for Language Development (MLDC), opened in November last year, as well as the Center of Excellence.Net / Via Tecla at the University of Ɖvora and the Development Centers of the RECET network, created following the Memorandum of Understanding between Bill Gatesā€™ company and the Portuguese State.

For the first time, Portuguese-speaking interfaces will be integrated into software of municipal management, with the possibility of extending that same interface to variants of Portuguese spoken in Portuguese-speaking countries.

The inauguration ceremony will be attended by the Assistant Secretary of State for Industry and Innovation, Prof. Castro Guerra, of the President of the WRC and of the Regional Development Agency, EngĀŗ JoĆ£o Vasco Ribeiro, of the Mayor of Anadia, Prof. LitĆ©rio Augusto Marques and the President of AIRC, Dr. JosĆ© Marques.

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