Cumulus – Weather forecast on your Ubuntu Desktop


In addition to being useful, weather forecast widgets can also decorate your desktop, meet today a program called Cumulus, with good customization options to make your desktop more modern.

Cumulus is the name of a simple weather forecast application, it does not have a complete translation into Portuguese, however, this should not prevent you from using it, since all the settings are absolutely intuitive.

Cumulus Weather

To configure the Cumulus Weather just click on the gear icon present in it and type the name of the city you want to see the weather information, in the same place you can configure the units of measurement and also the colors and opacity that will adjust the widget’s appearance according to your taste.

How to install Cumulus Weather on Ubuntu and derivatives

Cumulus is only compatible with 64-bit systems and is available in .deb format and in source code format for anyone who wants to compile for other systems, click here to access the installation files, if you use 64-bit Ubuntu, just download the .deb file and double-click it, install it through the Program Center or another utility of your choice.

Once installed, you can find the program in the system menu.

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