Cuba creates its own Wikipedia

Cuba creates its own Wikipedia

The Cuban Government has created a Wikipedia-style online encyclopedia. EcuRed is now available for consultation, currently offering close to 19,621 reference articles, biographies and academic papers.

«EcuRed was born out of the desire to create and disseminate knowledge with everyone and for everyone; from Cuba and with the world», he says on the page that welcomes visitors. In a more complete presentation, the initiative is presented as a collaborative and supportive encyclopedia, «a Cuban project that seeks universal reach and participation. Its philosophy is the accumulation and development of knowledge with a democratizing and non-profit objective, from one point decolonizing point of view «.

Among the Internet users who can consult the articles made available are those close to 1.6 million Cubans with access to the Internet – or more precisely to an intranet of websites approved by the Government.

It should be noted that the Cuban authorities blame their low rates of connection to the trade embargo imposed almost half a century ago by the United States, defined in EcuRed as «the empire of our time».

«It has historically been characterized by stripping other nations and countries of territories and natural resources by force to put them at the service of their companies and monopolies», says the entry on the USA.

EcuRed also has an extensive biography of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, including his role after the illness that removed him from power in 2006. «Today he writes and participates in the fight for ideas worldwide. Due to his moral authority, he influences important and strategic decisions of the Revolution «, points out.