CTT’s mobile operation should be launched this week under the Phone-ix brand

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CTT’s mobile operation, which has been announced by company officials over the past year, is about to be launched. The guarantee is given in today’s edition of Público, which points to this week the beginning of the campaign that will make known the new mobile brand of the Portuguese market, Phone-ix.

With a phonetics that gives rise to puns, the name has, according to the newspaper, caused some controversy in the heart of the company, especially among the senior staff of the post office who consider it in bad taste.

Behind the idea was the intention to capture the attention of a young target, although the elderly, who are the main recipients of postal products are also among the targets that the company wants to achieve with the launch of its virtual mobile operator.

The main assets of this operation – which will use TMN’s network to provide mobile communications services – will be the low price of calls and equipment to be sold in the company’s stores.

The first customers of Phone-ix will be postal workers who will receive free of charge about 14 thousand pieces of equipment in the new 922 network, the prefix with which it will operate. The other potential customers will initially have 3 Nokia models available that will be available in stores this week.

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