CTT prepare pilot for Universal Mailboxes

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In the last quarter of this year, CTT should move forward with a commercial service of electronic mailboxes that will allow its customers to receive institutional correspondence in digital format.

According to a report from the PĆŗblico newspaper, this service will be applied to correspondence relating to electricity, water, bank statements and official correspondence from the State.

The Universal Electronic Mailboxes (CCEU) project is expected to start in a pilot phase involving, at this first moment, 50 thousand civil servants. After the pilot phase, CTT estimates that the service will attract 200 thousand users in the first year, which should allow savings of nine million sheets of paper and six million envelopes.

Computer generated mail, the target of this project, currently represents 70 to 80 percent of the correspondence distributed by CTT, with a quarter of that correspondence already being prepared by companies in the group.

The introduction of digital support provides for the maintenance of the business model applicable to physical correspondence, with the value of sending letters (the traditional stamp) attributed to the entities that issue the correspondence.

PĆŗblico guarantees that UMIC, a partner in the project, will this week sign a protocol with CTT to operationalize the initiative.

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