CTT ensures exclusive distribution of the iPhone in Portugal (April 1)

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Starting next week, iPhone fans in Portugal will be able to buy the device at any CTT store without having to be loyal to the network. The iPhone-ix package goes against the marketing philosophy imposed by Apple in all markets, with agreements where the largest operators are privileged.


According to a CTT source, the iPhone’s exclusivity in the Portuguese virtual operator was ensured by existing contacts with Deutsche Post, the German post office, in which Deutsch Telecom still has a stake. Its subsidiary T-Mobile – which has a partnership with Apple to market the iPhone in Germany – had overestimated the demand for the mobile phone, which led to excess stock that must be disposed of before the launch of the 3G version.

TeK has already contacted T-Mobile to confirm this information, but until the time of publication of this piece it has not received any response.

Editor’s Note: Not wanting to miss tradition, TeK joined the April 1 joke with this news. The truth however is that it was not a bad idea, an iPhone-ix package … See also other games that today invaded the technology sites.

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