CTT can enter the telecommunications market as a virtual operator

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The new administration of CTT, led by Luís Nazaré, wants to explore two new business areas outside the central activity of the Post Office, telecommunications and banking. According to a news item released today by the Jornal de Negócios, the Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications, Mårio Lino, has already demonstrated his agreement with the strategy that dictated the choice of Luís Nazaré for the management of the company, given his previous experience in the sector.

The new administration of CTT was appointed yesterday at the General Assembly and is chaired by Luís Nazaré, former president of Anacom and who was currently on the advisory board of PT. Among those nominated for the management of the company are also Pedro Santos Coelho (who comes from Portugal Telecom), José Mata Costa (also a former staff at Portugal Telecom), Marcos Baptista (who passed through Águas de Portugal) and Raul Mascarenhas (who comes Accenture).

According to the newspaper’s news, CTT may become a virtual mobile operator, exploring niche services through the networks of other mobile operators, but only when this figure is regulated by Anacom. It should be remembered that there is no virtual mobile operator operating in the national market, although several companies provide virtual fixed operator services using the PT ComunicaçÔes network.

PĂșblico had reported yesterday that some of the deals carried out during the term of the board of directors led by Horta and Costa will be analyzed by the Inspectorate-General for Public Works, Transport and Communications, to which MĂĄrio Lino’s ministry sent the various complaints received in regarding the management acts of this team. Carlos Horta e Costa, former president of CTT, has already refuted the accusations he is targeting, asserting himself available to respond in investigative proceedings about his management of the company.

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