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CTT assure presence in Second Life

CTT assure presence in Second Life

The strategy of diversifying contact with CTT’s customers will discover a new chapter next Wednesday, November 18th, with the opening of an «island» on the Second Life virtual platform.

In addition to providing various services, the island of Correios de Portugal will have a virtual mobile phone developed by Phone-ix that will allow users of the platform to send / receive SMS via Second Life.

Through «World In Touch», where Portuguese and English are used, Second Life avatars access the virtual world of the Post Office. The entrance to the island is made through the «O Mundo Begiga Aqui» zone, from which six different zones can be explored: «World of CTT», «World of Philately», «World of Ecology», «World of Citizenship» , «World of Imagination» and «World of Fun».

Anywhere on the CTT island – and also on any other Second Life island – visitors have access to the Phone-ix phone or to the features of Meu Selo e Meu Postal, the company says in the press release.

Second Life’s Phone-Ix provides, in addition to sending and receiving SMS, other functions such as a personal radar, which detects other avatars nearby, a currency converter between euros and Linden, the official virtual currency of the virtual platform.

If you already have an avatar in SL you will be able to access the CTT island directly through