CTT are preparing to start the Universal Postal Electronic Box for this quarter

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The CTT Universal Postal Electronic Box should start to be used as an electronic address for individuals and companies this quarter, serving to send the correspondence sent by the State to the citizen. This list includes traffic fines, citations for tax enforcement proceedings or notifications for tax payments, the Jornal de NegĂłcios continues today.

According to the newspaper, the Government intends to contract with CTT the use of this resource that Correios has been testing with a pilot group since the end of last year (see Related News), to transform it into a new mechanism of communication with citizens, regarding the sending of all types of official correspondence. The newspaper says that the tax administration, social security and justice are among the first entities to join the initiative, although they are still studying its legal implications.

The idea is for all citizens to be assigned an electronic postal address whose reliability and security is guaranteed by CTT. The post office also undertakes to send all official electronic correspondence that is not opened by its addressee via the traditional way, on paper.

In a first phase, the project will move forward between State agencies and only in a second moment will it pass to citizens, although its main recipients are the entities that collect, notify or quote, responsible for 80 percent of traditional mail. Most of these entities have already been contacted by CTT to join the project and many have already given their approval. «The start of the projects is based on companies and not so much on Public Administration», admitted Luís Nazaré, president of CTT, in statements to the newspaper.

The operationalization of the service obviously depends on the authorization of each citizen and company, and of each entity that wants to see their correspondence arrive through this route, an aspect about which there are still no details and that should raise some questions.

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